Clipiy: iMovie for Windows

iMovie for Windows:
Free Alternative

  • Create eye-catching movies automatically
  • Enhance, color correct & stabilize your clips
  • Stylize footage with 450+ effects and titles
  • Export videos in Full HD, share on YouTube
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AltFor Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

How to Create Awesome Videos with iMovie for Windows

Improve your clips Step 1. Import your clips and add them to the Timeline. Stabilize them and improve their quality.
Cut your footage Step 2. Cut and stitch your footage. Speed it up or slow it down. Add music to your project.
Add effects and titles Step 3. Apply cool effects, filters, and transitions. Spice up your movie with title cards and captions.
Export your movie Step 4. Export your project as a video for TV, mobile device, video hosting, or social media page.

Is There a Decent iMovie for Windows? There Is!

iMovie is a user-favourite video editor. It is easy and intuitive yet feature-packed. Its major downside, however, is that it is only available for Mac. Are you a PC user but still want to create movies with no effort? Don’t worry, there is a solution for you. You just need Clipiy, a free iMovie alternative for Windows.

Clipify is as close to iMovie as you can get - both in terms of workflow and toolkit. So if you need a reliable and robust desktop program to create family movies, YouTube tutorials, or videography pieces, Clipify is the right tool for the job. It works well even on older computers and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the software is free to download and use.

Why is Clipify the Perfect Windows Version of iMovie?

Love Apple iMovie for its rich toolkit? Then you’ll have a blast with Clipify. This freeware for Windows 11, Windows 10 and older has it all - video and audio editing instruments, enhancing tools, a Chroma Key feature. Other perks include vast libraries of effects, transitions, titles, and music tracks. Have a look at a fuller list of features this free iMovie for PC offers you:

Clipify main features
  • Create cool movies with your clips automatically
  • Trim & glue, speed up or slow down your footage
  • Swap a dull video background for a colorful one
  • Stylize your clips with effects: Lighting, Vintage, etc.
  • Use a 200+ library of music tracks of any genre
  • Add title cards, captions, and cliparts to your videos
  • Save your projects in Full HD for TV or video hostings
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AltFor Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

How Good Is Clipify Compared to iMovie?

Want to know if this Windows equivalent of iMovie can hold a candle to the Apple product? Then let’s compare the two programs:

Features Clipify iMovie
Price Free Free
Clear interface Alt Alt
Auto video creation Alt Alt
Color correction Alt Alt
Stabilization Alt Alt
Speed change Alt Alt
Filters and effects Alt Alt
Built-in transitions Alt Alt
Chroma Key tool Alt Alt
Camcorder capture Alt Alt
Output video formats MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MPG, ASF, FLV, MXF, OGV, SWF, WEBM, WMV MOV
Input video formats ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MP4, MOV, MPEG, OGV, QT, WMV, HEVC, MJPEG, etc. MOV, M4V
Export presets PC, mobile devices, Full HD TV, social media, video hostings, QuickTime QuickTime, Mobile Devices, DVD

Have a Closer Look at This iMovie for Windows

Want to know what Clipify looks like? Need proof that it can really deliver on its promises? Then take a glimpse at a few screenshots from this video editing software.

Clipify screenshot Clipify screenshot Clipify screenshot Clipify screenshot Clipify screenshot

iMovie for PC: FAQ

Can I get iMovie on Microsoft Windows?

No, you can’t. But you can get Clipify, which is one of the best iMovie alternatives for Windows.

Is iMovie available only for Apple?

That is correct - this movie maker was developed exclusively for Apple products.

What can I use instead of iMovie?

There are numerous video editors that are a nice alternative to iMovie. It’s safe to say that Clipify is like iMovie for Windows 10 and older, since the two programs are similar in terms of toolkit.

Can you get iMovie on a non-Apple laptop?

Unlikely, unless you get a Mac OS emulator. But even if you do, there is no guarantee that the software will properly function.

What is the PC version of iMovie?

There is no official version of iMovie for a computer. But there are many apps like iMovie for Windows that you can use as an alternative. For instance, Clipify.

Disclaimer: iMovie is a trademark of Apple, Inc. Clipify is a trademark of AMS Software. Clipify was not developed by or is in no way affiliated with Apple, Inc., nor is it the official stand-in for iMovie. This site is not affiliated with either of the companies, and only reflects the opinions of its creators.